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Dichroic Reflectors

Dichroic reflector material reflects UV light but absorbs IR, normally into a heat sink or reflector housing which has been designed to suit. By absorbing the infra-red radiation dichroic reflectors reduce the temperature to the substrate which is particularly important for heat sensitive materials.

We can supply these for many different systems or we can make to your own specification.

For all your requirements please call Dave on 07831 302068 or Fiona on 07958 985590.

Prices on application.

Payment terms: Strictly 30 days from date of invoice.

Standard Reflectors

Aluminium reflectors have been used in UV and IR dryers for many years. This type of reflector reflects both UV and IR. In some applications this added heat from infra-red radiation helps the inks to cure.

We can supply for most systems or make to your own specification or drawing.

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