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led-uv-pic1The future is here now with one of the most sophisticated LED UV systems on the market today. Covered by world-wide backup, the system is suitable for 26 inch presses or larger and has major advantages over a conventional UV dryer.

One LED head can take the place of three standard UV lamps and, while the initial outlay is higher, the subsequent savings in electricity costs will balance that out within one to two years.
British made
Low running costs
No lamp replacements
No ozone
Lifespan 25000 hours and well beyond
No servicing required

Example of power saving:
Based on 20 hours per week, 48 weeks per year @ 9 pence per Kwh:
A standard three lamp UV dryer @ 160w/cm would cost £28,056.00
A LED UV system would cost £7,294.00
Saving: £20,762.00.

In the same period you could expect to use 10 standard UV lamps costing in the region of £2,800. With the LED UV system these lamps are not required.

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